Portal to The City’s Past – I Was Born at San Remo

Following its construction early in the 20th Century, the San Remo Hotel quickly became an integral part of a neighborhood where immigrant Italians felt at home.

In fact, one immigrant couple felt so secure in the location that when it came time to have their baby delivered, they chose the San Remo Hotel. In those days babies were often born at home and families relied on midwives rather than physicians. Anselmo and Maria Minato moved into the hotel when the pending birth loomed, rather than remain in the small Oregon town where they lived. Maria, who had some family in San Francisco, stayed in the hotel for six weeks along with her two sons and daughter, while her husband traveled back and forth to keep his job, managing to be present for Remo’s arrival.

Born at San Remo and named after the hotel, Remo Minato became a highway engineer for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Portal to The City’s Past