Portal to The City’s Past – Famous Entertainers and Politicians

After suffering during the Depression and World War II, many Americans had extra cash in their pockets for the first time in a long time and felt like spending it. The San Remo Hotel’s bar and restaurant were favorite destinations for many San Franciscans. Inexpensive but tasty meals drew families, and a constant mixing of celebrities and neighborhood cronies made the place popular.

San Remo’s fame spread, so entertainers Billy Eckstein, the Andrews Sisters, the McGuire SistersMel Torme, and many others made a point of stopping by whenever they were in town, along with colorful locals like the late San Francisco radio personality Don Sherwood – billed as the “The World’s Greatest Disc Jockey” during the 1950s and 1960s. They happily mingled with city scavengers and fisherman, bookies, and boxers.

The appearance of a Police Chief or Mayor was not unknown. Everybody got along and the eclectic mix of customers added to the San Remo’s well-known friendly reputation.

Portal to The City’s Past