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Take a visual tour of The San Remo Hotel. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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The San Remo Hotel Vintage Car Collection

The San Remo Hotel Vintage Car Collection

The San Remo Hotel’s classic and vintage car collection has become a landmark in San Francisco. The collection belongs to the owners of San Remo Hotel, Robert and Tom Field, who have lovingly acquired these vehicles since they started operating this hotel in 1971. All of these unique cars are in ideal running condition.

The collection has become now a major tourist attraction, displayed at the entrance of the San Remo Hotel. Locals and hotel guests frequently stop to look at and take pictures of our hotel’s iconic Woodie 1947 Blue Wagon parked in front of the hotel. The vehicles on display are rotated daily, so you never know which car you will be able to look at any given day.

In case you have missed some of the cars, we present a slideshow of some of our guests favorite cars frequently displayed by the San Remo Hotel.