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Tim Armstrong – San Remo Hotel
Maintenance Supervisor

Favorite Fisherman’s Wharf Attraction

It’s hard to beat a stroll along Jefferson Street and the intersecting piers and alleyways between Jones and Hyde for a memorable experience in people watching. On any given day, visitors will encounter colorful locals and a microcosm of fellow travelers, both domestic and international, transfixed by crab stands, restaurants, fishing boats, artists and entertainers.

Profile and Off-Hours Activities

Museums have curators. The San Remo has Tim Armstrong. At first glance, guests might assume this tall pleasant worker, often decked out in overalls and a tool belt, is simply the hotel handyman. Tim has in fact managed hotel maintenance for 12 years. With a keen eye and an appreciation for history, he locates vintage replacement parts, restores furnishings and repairs antique fixtures. But as a North Beach artist, his skills extend beyond upkeep of the hotel.

A former student at the San Francisco Art Institute, Tim has lived and worked in the city since 1994. His paintings and installations have been included in prestigious exhibitions throughout California, and in 2008 he was selected to participate in the internationally recognized Djerassi Resident Artists Program in Woodside.

In addition to producing large-scale mixed media paintings, Tim developed a signature media mix — the main ingredients are flour and a sprinkling of water — to create expansive sketches of trees and other subjects on urban sidewalks. Based in part on Tibetan sand paintings, the images are designed to gradually fade away over time. Photos of these fossil-like imprints were recently displayed at The Lab, a Mission District gallery on 16th Street in the City.

Tim’s Tips

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
151 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone 415-357-4000

49 Geary Building Art Galleries
You can visit more than a dozen of the city’s popular contemporary art galleries at 49 Geary Street (between Grant Avenue and Kearny Street) off Union Square. White wine receptions are open to the public without charge on the first Thursday evenings of each month.

The Palace of the Legion of Honor
Lincoln Park, 34th Avenue and Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: 415.750.3600
The Legion of Honor displays a collection of over 4,000 years of ancient and European art in a Beaux-Arts style building overlooking Lincoln Park and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Favorite Things about the Hotel

“I appreciate the oddly placed windows, the variety of colorful plants and the mix of strange art. On quiet evenings I enjoy listening for the ‘phantom rowboat’ noise. It helps me remember I’m working at an historic place at the edge of Water Street, an alley marking the original San Francisco shoreline more than a hundred years ago.”

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