We are not only a hotel, we create lasting bonds and friendships with our guests. We recently received this message from one of our loyal guests. It was so heartfelt, it brought us to tears, and we wanted to share this story during these troubled times. 

We should all hold on to our dream of a healthy and hopefully better world one day.


This is Margaret Davis-Grimes, Henry's wife and soulmate.  I am heartbroken to report that my beloved husband Henry, the great jazz musician who played upright bass and violin and was a published poet ("Signs Along the Road") and illustrator (see the cover art on several of his recent CD's at http://henrygrimes.com/store), and had many other gifts and talents, and most of all had and still has a loving, artistic, dedicated, eternal soul, left this life due to Covid-19 (coronavirus disease) on April 15th, 2020 in the Harlem, New York nursing home where he had been residing because of his advanced case of Parkinson's Disease. 

 Henry and I were deeply in love right from the get-go, from the day we met on May 27th, 2003 at LaGuardia Airport, where I had arranged to bring him and his bass to New York City, and we were married on Dec. 30th, 2007 and stayed together and went everywhere together through 600 concerts in 31 countries and many U.S. cities, and we stayed in many, many hotels. But our favorite hotel has always been the San Remo, and we never found another to equal yours.

 I don't know why I am still alive when my beloved Henry has gone ahead, and I don't know when or if those still alive will be able to travel again someday, but when and if we can, perhaps I will be able to come and stay at the San Remo Hotel on Fisherman's Wharf again to revisit the wonderful memories of staying there with Henry and our beautiful time together there.  

Peace and blessings and continued good health to all the good people of the San Remo Hotel. We've recommended your hotel to many friends, musical associates, and fans of Henry's.  Meanwhile, we hold you all in our dreams.  Long live the San Remo and its purple light that welcomes all!  With undying eternal love from Henry's spirit and from me.